It all starts with a memory

Holidays are the best times to capture family moments on your digital camera (or phone). With the advent of digital photography, sharing photos has taken on a new meaning. Gone are the large albums full of 4x6 photos processed at the drug store. Now we turn to the internet and computers to share our pictures.

Although this advance in technology seems to allow a further distribution of memories, you still have to huddle around some sort of electronics to view the photos. There is another option. Printing your photos and puttingg them into a photo album seems so 90’s... printing your photos on stretched canvas, now that is a unique idea. Advances in the process of digital printing now allow you to print your treasured memories on archival, museum quality stretched canvas, ready to be hung with pride on the walls of your home. Not only do they make a great decor item, they also are wonderful gifts to family and friends. And the process probably costs a lot less than you think.

Next time you wonder what to do with that one photo that deserves more than a space on your hard drive, consider printing it on canvas and hanging it where everyone can admire your favourite memory.